A mix of cacti and succulents from a work garden and our own garden, sadly we were unable to bring ours with us. 




Mission to find a damaged waste pipe!

From a beautiful bed to an enormous hole and a lawn full of soil ? Although, all but a few of these plants will be moved anyway when this becomes the new cactus/succulent bed. Click on image to open clear picture.


This seemed like an horrific mess to start with and I have to admit to wanting to cry at the loss of a couple of plants, but it didn’t take long to get the soil back and some of the new cactus in. Thankfully not all as we had a couple of really heavy storms and the soil, even though compacted by the digger when it was returned, sank by a couple of feet in places! So glad autumn is here as we’ve been waiting for the temperature to drop so we can get the rest in, along with all the succulents. Won’t be long until we have a finished cactus bed complete with stones. I can’t wait to get it finished ?

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