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So here I am in what they call "mid life" and it’s not what I envisaged when I was young! 


I'm a parent, after much struggle and many miscarriages I have three children, all adults in years but thanks to a little known gene mutation two of them are mentally still children. I found out after my third child (second son) was born that both my younger children (both boys) have a genetic chromosome abnormality called Fragile X Syndrome (FXS) and that I carry the premutated gene which expanded when I passed it to them. This gene in the pre and mutated state has changed my life in ways I couldn't have imagined, it also explains a lot about why I did certain things growing up! For more information on FXS look here:



I have a beautiful daughter, she’s feisty, independent, intelligent and hard working. She lives with her other half and my gorgeous granddogs.

Although the effects of FX dominate life now it hasn't always been that way, I was a lifeguard and qualified as a swimming teacher when I was young, I have a love of sewing thanks to my Mum which I turned into a business making soft furnishings. I trained as a beauty therapist but found my preference was makeup so then trained as a makeup artist, I loved this work and loved the fact that no two jobs were the same, this led to teaching makeup and beauty, and getting a teaching degree.

Thanks to FX I eventually had to give up makeup and teaching it but being stubborn and not someone who sits back and gives in I, along with my long suffering other half decided to move to a sunnier climate where my health problems were eased slightly and I now follow my other passion, gardening. My love of gardening came from my Dad and from the age of eight I've grown all manner of flowers, vegetables and fruit, getting paid to do this is like paying a child to eat sweeties! 

It isn’t easy, and we struggle on a daily basis one way or another but we can take the boys to work with us, we can dictate our own times to a certain degree and we get to work in beautiful gardens in a beautiful part of the world. 

When time allows I do other things I love to do, I make shoes (something else I trained to do), I crochet, I knit, I make clothes and cook food to fit the various special diets required by my brood - the boys are gluten free/casein free/anti fungal and have been since they were tiny, the other half is on a reduced carbohydrate diet thanks to diabetes, but contrary to what the media will have you think, he isn't overweight, he has the opposite problem and high blood glucose levels make the weight fall from him so we struggle to keep his weight stable! Thankfully I have no specific needs so can eat whatever I have to cook for them! 

My long suffering OH is an upholsterer by trade, but he also had to give up doing that full time thanks to major spinal surgery, he still does a little and we’re lucky enough to be able to produce pieces of furniture between us, we’re also lucky enough to work together daily in the gardens without it leading to all out war and that’s a huge achievement, I don’t know many people who could spend 24/7 with their OHs. 


He makes me laugh on a daily basis and I'm sure I make him despair on a daily basis - Dizzy by name . . .


This is my space to jot down my ramblings, post pictures of the beautiful things I see every day and share my crafty capers.


Oh, and probably lots of pictures of our gorgeous GSD, Tylor.

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